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I use regularly many services that are available on the Web for free. I invite you to do the same and to connect with me!

Tietoukan blogi
• My main blog in Finnish. Several of my climate news roundups have been published also at Sääasema ("Weather Station").
• Blog articles are available for subscription via this feed (I'm aiming at low ~daily activity).
• If you'd like to join a community of this blog's readers, or just show your support to the concept, alternatives include: BlogCatalog, Blogilista.fi and Networked Blogs.
Tietoukka Monitor
• My climate change blog in English.
• This too can be found via Networked Blogs.
Tietoukka's Backstage
• My "behind the scenes" blog.
• There's a feed too, but I don't post often or regularly to this blog.
Networked Blogs.
Twitter - microblogging
My profile there.
• Here's a user-friendly list of interesting Twitter feeds (many of which I follow actively).
Flickr - photo sharing
Latest photos (my photos), Sets, Tags, Profile. See also my favorites (others' photos).
YouTube - video sharing
• My user page.
My own videos. They typically show some ordinary life of common birds in the city of Helsinki.
• Those playlists that are titled in Finnish consist of my own videos. They are arranged by species, mostly. For more details, see this simplified summary.

Other ways to connect with me:

Networking:  FacebookLinkedInXing
Remember the time when Facebook allowed users to really create personal profiles (and even add extra tabs with the help of apps like 'Extended Info')? Now that those times are gone, and Facebook user experience is going increasingly steeply downhill, you can find some of my personal profile stuff here. That's where all those great quotations are now, for example! :)

Lifestreaming:  FriendFeed
On FriendFeed you can find the most comprehensive feed of my stuff, with high daily activity and lots of redundancy.

Bookmarks:  CiteULikeDeliciousDiigoNetvouz

Video:  VimeoYouTube (including my marvellous playlists)

Photos and other images:  PinterestWe heart it

Movies & books & musicListal

Just movies:  JinniMubi

Just books:  BookJettyGoodreadsLibraryThingShelfariWorldCat.org

Just music or sounds:  Last.fm   Sound Cloud
See also my MySpace!

Second Life:  KoinupSecond Life Profiles

Comment aggregators:  Disqus

...and the already mentioned blog networks  BlogCatalogBlogilista.fi

...plus  43 ThingsAmazon.comCare2Change.orgGeek ChartGoogle+Helsingin yliopiston alumniverkostoIdealist.orgIkkuna Suomen LuontoonRedditScitableSlideShareSquidooStumbleUponTumblrVisual.ly

I've donated computing power to BOINC projects: ClimatePrediction.Net, SETI@home, Cosmology@home, Rosetta@home, World Community Grid. You too can assist scientists with their research projects!

Other activities:

Stories written by me, published in the Fifi web magazine and/or in the Voima magazine

N.B. In the case of the climate news roundups, I strongly recommend reading the personal blog versions. They contain updated links now!